The New Smart Way to Help Generate Leads and Book Them Into Appointments

We help businesses contact leads, save you time, staff and money all while keeping a professional image.

How Does Call My Leads Work?



Business provides a call list or our team generates one for you.



Our professional team, calls list and warms up your leads.



We book into your calendar appointments with interested parties.



Follow up on cancelled appointments with EDMs and phone calls.


Call My Leads have added so much value to my business.

I do not have time to nurture or sell to my client base. Thanks to their help I am able to provide support to my client database and inform them of promotions. I have gained so many sales just by implementing Call My Leads into my business. The ROI is worth its weight in gold. They have even turned a few of my ice cold clients into hot and ready to go clients! The sales conversions are up the top with family/friend referrals due to their personal approach. I highly, highly, highly recommend the entire team at Call My Leads.

Grace Phibbs

The Call My Lead Team have done a wonderful job for us in organising and progressing our prospects and engaging with them.

The team operated in a professional and caring manner and helped us to achieve our desired results.

Darren Ryan

Blitz Glass

We used Call My Leads for a number of re-engagement campaigns for our database and I found them very professional to deal with as well as being extremely knowledgeable with their scripting and strategies. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.

The A Team Property Group

I used Call My Leads for a B2B direct marketing campaign for lead generation and was very happy with their work and the results achieved. Subsequently, I will be using their services again in a few months time for an appointment setting campaign to a specific target market. I would recommend their services to anyone who wants targeted B2B lead generation services.


Precision Advisory

Lana & Call My Leads did a tremendous job and generated superb results going through our contact list and updating details and re-engaging. Lana is very professional, with a tremendous phone manner – no uncomfortable telemarketing here. Lana is superb.

John Buck

Sunshine Coast Washers & Fridges

We used Call My Leads to follow up with our client enquiries.  It saved us a tonne of time, and qualified the leads until they were able to directly speak to our legal team. A fabulous and very professional service.

Ashley Tulley

McInnes Wilson Lawyers

Call My Leads have been a valuable extension of our team, allowing us more time to focus on the high level of service we provide for our existing members.

Sheree Smiltnieks

Freight Save

Hate Cold Calling?

Let our professional Australian team, do what they do best and book your calendar with quality appointments.

How Does Call My Leads Work?

Regain Control of Your
Business Growth

Using Australian based Appointment Setting Professionals will help you take back charge of how you book your leads and appointments and spend your days doing what you do best. Connecting with the right people!!

Call My Leads Can

Call My Leads vs Hiring a VA

Call My Leads

  • All Australian Based
  • Obligation Free
  • Experience professional appointment setters
  • Represent your business like it’s our own
  • Let us do the hard work for you

Hiring a VA

  • Commitment
  • Risk
  • Time Consuming
  • Generally outsourced to other countries
  • Don’t understand culture

Call My Leads
vs Traditional Call Centres

Call My Leads

  • All Australian Based
  • Obligation Free
  • Experience professional appointment setters
  • Represent your business like it’s our own
  • Let us do the hard work for you

Traditional Call Centres

  • Non professionals ( usually based Internationally)
  • Limited training
  • No Guarantee Of Results
  • Generates scepticism and distrust in your business
  • Many different people handling account

What Are You Waiting For?

There’s a reason over one hundred organisations in Australia are having their businesses changed by Call My Leads. It’s because they’ve chosen to take control of their time and opportunities. The most common thing we hear from our clients is, “I wish I knew about this years ago.”

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start seeing results?

What we do with every campaign is start with a 50 call test run. This allows us to edit and refine the script, receive feedback from the clientele we called and then report the results to you.

Step 2 is to then establish a Conversion rate and other relevant data for your campaign .

At Call my leads we do not do any guesswork. Everything is based on feedback metrics that we openly share with you

Can I get Call my leads to sell my products or service ?

We believe that you are the best at selling your product or service and thats why our job is to set up appointments for you to do what you do best. However we will ensure that the clientele we speak to are excited about your appointment with them and are ready to talk business.

What can the call my leads appointment setters do for my business ?

Call my leads professional appointment setters are versed in the following areas

  1. Re engage – your past and or existing data with follow ups and incentivise your clients to book in an appointment for further sales progress
  2. Create an engage – a new business to business OR business to consumer list for you to connect with the decision maker by booking in a phone , face to face or Zoom appointment
  3. Update – We can dial through your database in order to update and tidy up all address details , email details and any other relevant data that you need in order to keep your CRM in check and on point. We believe that your database is key to improved client management and ongoing sales. That where our professionals really shine

Our Results Can Be Life Changing

Call My Leads can have a profound effect on efficiency, confidence, and conversion rates. That’s why it’s smart to take the first step today. For yourself and your business.

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